17th March 2022

10.00 - 12:00 CET









To stay competitive, manufacturers need to run lean operations. Invest in the right tech. Minimise downtime. All while maintaining product quality. 

It’s a case of evolve or fall behind: digitising your operations using machine-to-machine communication has never been more important. 

Join us on 17th March 2022 to discuss the future of manufacturing – from IoT and MES, to mobile digitalisation, big data, AR and beyond.  

At the heart of manufacturing operations 

If there was a way to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and keep pace with the competition – would you grab it with both hands?

Join our one-day virtual Manufacturing Innovation Forum for exclusive expertise and insights from Panasonic, manufacturers and Industry speakers  – all without leaving your seat. 


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10:00 CET

Opening & Introduction

Mike Willett (TOUGHBOOK)

10:10 CET

Welcome to the Manufacuring Innovation Forum

A warm welcome from Panasonic Connect Europe.

Cornelia Wilke (TOUGHBOOK)

10:15 CET

Deloitte’s Smart Factory of the future tour

Deloitte Innovation representative Lara Bothur showcases the factory of the future, followed by an overview of smart manufacturing from Factory Director Britta Mittlefehldt.

Lara Bothur (Deloitte)

Britta Mittlefehldt (Deloitte)

10:25 CET

A smart factory experience: the case of Lamborghini

Lorenzo Chiarion (Lamborghini)

10:35 CET


10:40 CET

Panasonic Connect Experience for Manufacturing

Nathalie Vervaet will be drive you through the main manufacturing operational areas showing the latest and innovative digital solutions from key industry's suppliers.

Nathalie Vervaet (TOUGHBOOK)

10:45 CET

Agile process execution for the connected warehouse

Zetes Group supply chain execution expert, Glenn Carroll highlights best-practice warehouse processes, from receipt of goods to shipment.

Glenn Carroll (Zetes)

10:55 CET

Smart Mobility for Quality Control

Panasonic Connect Europe’s Mike Willett discusses the benefits of bringing mobile solutions into the quality control process. Find out how to increase efficiency, access real-time data and reduce downtime.

Mike Willett (TOUGHBOOK)

11:05 CET

Advanced Manufacturing

Iván Rodrigo Flor Cantos, who oversees European Marketing at Panasonic Factory Solutions, highlights key improvements guaranteed to make your smart factory work harder.

Iván Rodrigo Flor Cantos (Panasonic Connect)

11:15 CET

Industry 4.0: Smart Container Management

As factories respond to demand for more product options and customisations, static paper labels can slow down the process. Rene Wermke from Panasonic IoT Solutions poses a smart alternative.

Rene Wermke (Logiscend)

11:25 CET

Librestream Demo | Remote Collaboration in Manufacturing

Client Director Yu-Han Peters and Senior Technical Specialist Francois Savary demonstrate Librestream’s AR-enabled remote collaboration technology for efficient manufacturing.

Yu-Han Peters (Librestream)

Francois Savary (Librestream)

11:35 CET

Closing speech

Mike Willett (TOUGHBOOK)

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